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Two Wives Fight Over Burial Rights of Late Husband

It was all drama in Nakwamikwa village, Turkana's Lodwar Sub County where two wives fought over the burial rights of their late husband.

It is said that the second wife to the late Engineer Lawrence Loli planned to bury her husband in her home without the consent nor the knowledge of the first wife.

According to the culture and traditions of the Turkana people, it is the first wife who has the sole authority to bury her husband; otherwise, her family will fall victim to a whirlwind of curses.

The deceased had passed on about a month ago while living with the second wife and she took it upon herself to organize her beloved a befitting send-off. However, her sincere intentions were to the detriment of the first wife's family's wellbeing as warned by the culture.

The first wife's family had come to peacefully claim the body from the second wife and solve the dispute between the two wives, but when their conciliatory efforts became in vain, they resorted to rather extreme measures by causing mayhem at the burial service.

Police, however, intervened and dispersed the two parties by use of teargas. They later oversaw the burial proceedings up to the very end while the first wife's family sadly grieved their beloved across the fence of the compound.

The first wife expressed her heartbreak and bitterness as she accused the second wife of having sinister motives of jeopardizing her family's future as she is fully aware of the repercussions of her actions to the first family.

She also expressed her disappointment at the OCS who instead of assisting her to recover her husband's body, became the shield of the second wife.

The elders criticized the second wife and told her off with contempt and resentment evident in their voices about her actions knowing very well they were against the traditional norms.

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