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I Found My Wife In The Streets Selling Her Body With My 3 Kids, She Said I Was Not Buying Meat- Man

George Kuria a father of 3 from Nakuru has narrated how he found his wife selling her body on the streets with his 3kids day light and after he confronted her she said that he was not buying meat for them and that why she was selling her body to buy meat for her kids.

According to George is that he was born from a humble background,he only managed to school up to class four and after that he started doing manual work.He claims that even when the time to marry he didn't have a house to stay with his wife and a neighbor is the one who offered them a house.

He says that at that time his wife was very supportive and didn't mind how the house was but they had agreed she will not have a child before they have their own house,that didn't happened because after few months she realized she was pregnant and when she went for a scan the doctor confirmed she was having triplets.

It was a hard time since he was the one going to work only and sometimes the manual works were not available,when the time to give birth came they had not even bought enough clothes for the babies and some neighbors offered them clothes.

George says that he was working very hard to ensure her kids have something to eat,when the kids were 3 years old a neighbor informed him that his wife was selling her body in a certain street and since he didn't believe he did his own investigation.

One day he went to work but came back home early and found his wife and kids were not in,he decided to go to the streets to look for her only to find her kids been hold by the other women who were selling their body and his wife was in a room with another man.

He claims that he took his kids and went back home,when his wife came back and he confronted her her excuse was that he was not buying meat for them and that why she was selling her body to buy meat for her kids.He was very furious and he beat her,the next day she went and never came back and up to now he doesn't know where she went.

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