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How Thika Man Boiled To Death, Family To Wrap Tooth And Ash In Coffin For Burial In Kisumu

On 25th of March 2022, Otieno was reported to have fell on a steel furnace in Thika steel industry. The family was called and informed that there was an emergency that happened and were supposed to be there in person and when they went there they were told that their son got an accident and unfortunately he has died. The family demanded to see the body but the company told them that it was impossible since he had fallen into a furnace and was melted.

However, according to the culture of his tribe, it is better they burry a small piece of ones body so that they can be relieved. In this regard, the company was forced to open up the machines to retrieve some of his body parts only to find a teeth. The family was given and they are now ready to bury him in Kisumu.

Steel furnace contains more that 1400 degrees Celsius. Modern cremation temperatures are about 1000 degrees Celsius and you can now figure out how the steel furnace can do to ones body. People have been wondering how the steel Industry worker could have fallen into the furnace. However, reports indicates that he was dragged by a glove and then fell into the furnace that melts steel.

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