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Know About The State House Daring Robbery That Shook The Nation

Emerging news has it that a daring group of people planned to execute a robbery on the most guarded office in the country. This is according to the report that has been published by Kenyan News on their official Facebook page. Kenyan news insinuate that the two suspects are the State House caretaker and a General Service Unit (GSU) constable who are said to have sneaked into the President's office as well as the First Lady's and made away with 5 pieces of decorative ivory.

Police reports revealed that the items which had been stolen included ivory that had been mounted in the First Lady's office. They smuggled items under the guise of State House waste. However, the police were aware of the robbery in time and nabbed them before they could sell the items. They confiscated the caretaker's phone and attempted to trick the buyer of the items but they failed to get him on time. The buyer took off and threw the phone away.

This happens even though official records indicate that the statehouse is one of the most protected buildings in the country. One is normally required to follow strict guidelines when visiting or leaving. All higher political officials including the state officers cannot access the place even under immense political pressure.

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