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NPS Reacts After Spotting a Man Transporting an Animal on Motorbike Revealing The Consequences

National Police Service has highly condemned an incident whereby a man was spotted carrying a cow on his lap while sitting on motorcycle. The photo of the unidentified elderly man shows that he was probably heading to the market, to the slaughter house or he had bought the cow and he was now heading home.

The National Police Service spotted this specific scenario forcing them to guide Kenyans on what the law says about usage of roads for everyone. The movement of vehicles, persons and animals on our roads is controlled under the Traffic Act Cap 403.

Therefore, the animals being transported by road should be transported with alot of care. In places where a animals are crossing, motorists and other road users are advised to respect animal's rights by exercising caution while crossing.

The act of cruelty against animals which include handling them without care on public roads is punishable by the law. Members of the public have been urged to exercise and treat animals with caution, care and love. Therefore, the National Police Service condemns the act whereby a man was spotted carrying a heifer on a Motorbike.

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