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Kiraitu Murungi's Message On His Experience Over Covid 19

Corona virus can so far fit in the books of the history for the negative impact it has brought to Kenyans and the world in general. Since this pandemic hit the world in December the year 2019,so many things have been done abnormally. It has brought to so many deaths of innocent beings. Economy of thousands of countries have been affected greatly. Slowly by slowly people are losing hope for living. Life has actually lost meaning due to poor living to many.

Covid 19 does not select people. It's sweeping both genders;old and young, poor and rich. Money has nothing to do with it's barrier. The disease has killed a big number of prominent people in the country. Just to mention a few,covid has terminated lives of governors, senators, members of parliament (MPs) and even Members of Country Assembly (MCAs).

Well, Meru Country governor Hon Kiraitu Murungi is one of the prominent people in the country who have faced the tough teeth of covid 19. Just after his recovery,Kiraitu has written to Kenyans through his Twitter account over the experience of covid pain. He has stated that the covid 19 break has given him stock of taking his own political journey. He added that he had given in too much on political issues and has to limit for if he could have died of covid 19, would have died alone. Below is the message:

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