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4 reasons that Kenyans gave as to why Tiktok should be regulated

Tiktok is one of the platform that has recently occupied the minds of many, you will find people everywhere in the country mainly the youths doing Tiktok contents and trying to "fit in" This has raised an alarm and this are the reasons that people gave concerning the banning of Tiktok in Kenya:

1.I understand Tik Tok is a shadow to Instagram. (Can't verify that). Tiktok is danceable to Kenyans living in Kenya and working abroad (some). The problem lies to what the platforms term as inappropriate. Showing your undergarments at Facebook ain't inappropriate but it is.linkol Mugendi replied to a tweet.Our cultures and that from the west are fighting each other. We tend to borrow so much. Young ladies ask for gifts (coins) to show off their bodies. What saddens is that you can see Children around. Mothers and their kids (sic).Can we regulate this? Maybe individual Tiktokers opting to create clean content or instilling morals to our kids and teaching them other ways of earning a living. That's my take.Linkol added

2.At least it have come to your attention @citizentvkenya after saa sita inakuwa pornography site weah nikubaya but other countries what is in TikTok ni education context Kenya ni matako na pornography... Asante Sana .User who goes by the name primeson tweeted.

3. Hates Jason went ahead to stating that,Tik tok is hilarious what some people do for attention is scary.I really wish for Tiktok to be banned after all the disgusting, disrespectful and creepy things I’m seeing.He added

4.Concerns have been raised by several Kenyans on how the type of content posted on TikTok in Kenya varies between 2am and 3am. Media celebrity Ciku Muiruri has urged parents to watch how their kids use social media, especially TikTok, raising this issue to the forefront of conversation.

"Parents, Tiktok has changed and is no longer the friendly place it once was. Individuals are posting videos of people worshipping the devil, mothers are requesting payment to force their teenage daughters to perform dubious sexually explicit dance techniques, and it appears to be a porn site between two and three in the morning. These are Kenyans, so I'm not talking about foreigners. God be merciful to us all.

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