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Why Increased Abductions, Disappearances Should be a Cause for Concern

There is growing concern at the rate of abductions and disappearances that have rocked the country in the past few months. Some of these abductions have ended up with vic- tims being tortured and sometimes killed.

This vile act caught the attention of human rights organisations and even prompted Unicef to issue a statement condemning the practice and highlighting why it should be brought to a halt.

Lately, there have been abductions of Muslims and others, and disheartening scenes of bodies being washed up on river banks.

These bodies and those found in thickets all bear signs of torture. Some abductions happen in broad daylight with victims being picked up by people who seem to know what they are doing, as they dupe the public into thinking they are security officers. The motives for these abductions are unclear.

While others ask for ransom, some just disappear and the bodies are discovered later. It is also unclear who is behind these heinous crimes.

Since 2011, these cases have increased and lately the rates of occurrences are raising eyebrows. Some of these abductions are related to security issues while others are undertaken by criminal gangs.

Desperate families are left looking for answers on the whereabouts of their loved ones. Many of them spend a lot of time and money in searching for their missing relatives.

These incidents have brought such families a lot of grief and emotional sufferings as they seek to unravel the reasons behind their kins' disappearance.

The government should be held accoun table for its actions and inaction on the ongoing disappear ances and deaths.

It is upto the govern ment to ensure that the rights of its citizens are protected and respected at all


James Ndung'

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