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RIP: Tribute to Darrell Abbott Who Was Shot On Stage

On December 8, 2004, four individuals were killed and three others were injured in a mass taking shots at the Alrosa Villa club in Columbus, Ohio. The primary target of the assault was "Dimebag" Darrell Abbott, who was in front of an audience performing with his band Damageplan at the hour of the shooting. Three minutes later to after the shoot, the culprit, 25-year-old Nathan Gale, was shot and killed by cop James Niggemeyer.

Abbott sustained different shot injuries to the head and was articulated dead at the scene. Different casualties were Jeffrey "Commotion" Thompson, Damageplan's head of safety who handled Gale; Erin Halk, an Alrosa worker who attempted to limit Gale; and 23-year-old Damageplan fan Nathan Bray, who had bounced onto the stage to revive Abbott and Thompson. Visit chief Chris Paluksa and drum professional John Brooks were both taken to Riverside Methodist Hospital, while street group part Travis Burnett was treated at the scene.

The reason for the shooting is still unclear. Gale, a previous individual from the United States Marine Corps, had told his mom and business that he had been released because of distrustful schizophrenia, and a large number of his companions noticed unpredictable way of behaving from Gale in the months paving the way to the shooting. Some media sources asserted that Gale was furious with Abbott for the disintegration of his past band Pantera, while others accepted that Gale was working under the fancy that Pantera had copied his lyrics and were endeavoring to take his personality.

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