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"Huyu Ndiye Tunataka" Young Girl Hailed After Giving This Advice To Youths While In This Clothes

Every guys dream is always marrying a wife that is hardworking and does not give up in anything that she does. Many women nowadays are always considered as slayqueens and nolonger help the society much even in raising their own children.

A facebook user by the name Sharline Sally Kachibo has warmed the hearts of many kenyans through an advice that she gave out in a renown crime free facebook group known as Dandora Crime Free.

In her message, she said " plz guys wacha kuchagua job heri niitwe mngoja kifo than kuitwa mwizi kuaibisha tu family yangu. Vijana mimi unaniona hapa nimefanya mjengo, makanga na siringi. Wacha wizi kula jasho yako majamaa.

In simple english, the girl said that guys should stop choosing jobs. It is better she be called a death waiting person than being called a thief because she will be ashaming her family. She said that she has done many jobs like being a construction worker, a tout and she is not ashamed. She later finished by saying that everybody should eat his or her sweat.(Photo| courtesy)

In her photos, she is seen wearing an attire belonging to guards to mean that she is working as a guard somewhere inorder to earn her living. Netizens upon seeing this reacted saying that this is the kind of wife material men are looking for. Others told her that she can make a good wife and anybody who will find her will get very far with her. Below are some of the reactions:(Photo| courtesy)(Photo| courtesy)(Photo| courtesy)(Source screenshot)

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Huyu Ndiye Tunataka Sharline Sally Kachibo


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