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Photos Of 4-Year-Old Boy Who Survived In Tsavo East Wilderness For 6 Days Stirs Mixed Reactions

The story of a 4-year old boy who survived in the Tsavo East wilderness has shocked many people. Report by reveals that a 4-year boy was rescued from Tsavo East game park yesterday. Before the rescue team reached him, the boy is said to have got lost almost six days ago.

The little boy wandered in the Tsavo wilderness alone. The boy spent cold nights and harsh condition full of many wild animals including hyenas, lions among other dangerous wild animals.

In the Tsavo East national park, the heavy rains is said to have kept the body of the young boy hydrated. If it was not the rains, the boy would have died of dehydration.

The report have it that the Roan Carr-Hartley, a pilot from Sheldrick Wildlife Trust spotted the four-year-old boy from a very long distance while in his chopper.

Mr. Roan Carr-Hartley said that the entire incident was a miracle. The boy was saved and given first aid before he was taken to the hospital. The "miraculous" survival of the four-year-old boy at Tsavo East wilderness has sparked mixed reactions from different people online as shown by the screenshots below.


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