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What It Means When You See a Road Sign Showing There is a Climbing Lane Ahead

Most roads in Kenyan are installed with road signs that are meant to give road users a lead on what to expect at a certain position. There are those road signs that are exclusively meant for drivers while others are meant for cyclists and pedestrians. There is a road sign that is not very common in most roads but you can only find them on major roads.[Photo Courtesy]

For instance, there is a road sign that usually indicates the start of a climbing lane and where it ends. In most cases, the sign post showing there is a climbing lane ahead starts to appear. After covering the distance that they have indicated, you will see another one showing that the climbing lane has ended.[Photo Courtesy]

Many people usually think that the sign post only shows how steep the road is but it has been revealed that it has its own main purpose. Climbing lane has been defined as an extra lane that is usually used for short distances in certain areas. The lane is used to improve safety, ease congestion and prevent delays. This lane helps trucks and slow moving vehicles whose speed drops because of the sustained steep grades.

That is why you will see them where a steep slopes starts and it improves safety when a driver wants to overtake a car that is driving slowly. At this point you will see the road widens and another lane is added to the existing one but for only shorter distance until the steep grade is over.

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