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Never Do The Following Things If Attacked By An Armed Robber

The most difficult moments in a person's life is always when attacked by an armed robber. At that time your life is always on your hands. If you do the wrong thing he will take your life away and if you play smart you will remain with your life. When you are attacked by someone who is armed you need to be careful. The following are some of the things you should never do when attacked by an armed robber.

1.Never maintain eye contact with them.

Maintaining eye contact with an armed robber is one of the mistakes that you should never do if attacked. An armed robber will get irritated when you stare at him. He will think that you're already familiar with his face. He will be left with no choice but to kill you.

2.Never deny him whatever he wants.

There's nothing more important than your life. Everything can be bought by money but your life is priceless. If an armed robber demands anything from you, give him if you have. Armed robbers are always heartless and he won't mind shooting you.

3.Never try fighting them.

Armed robbers are genius and trying to fight with them will just be risking your life. If your plan fails he will shoot you because you're a threat. Most of them always go robbing under the influence of drugs. Don't make any movements.

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