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Theft robbery

Never Attempt Robbery, See What Happened To Ian Otieno

Ian Otieno,25,together with three of his accomplices, raided someone's house in Shauri Moyo,Juakali area last night at 10pm here in Nairobi.

The four ordered the family members to lie down they attempted to rob them of their 3 phones ,43inch Hisense TV amongst other items.

However, an eagle eyed neighbour saw the them terrorizing the family and raised a distress alarm that confused the whole gang.

In the event,the head of the family got a chance after the gang got confused and beefed the security officers from Shauri Moyo police station. Who then acted swiftly and cornered Ian Otieno after his accomplices managed to escape.

Ian Otieno is now coiling heels in police station as police continue with the manhunt of the escapees.A bloodstained knife was recovered hidden the waist of the suspect and is being kept as exhibit.

Otieno is unlucky man.He got arrested.Dear youths,crime does not pay.Shun away from it.It can make you rot in jail.

What is your take?

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