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Road Accident

Reactions After Unidentified Man Was Spotted Fuelling A Toy-like Car At A Filling Station

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Many people in world today are tearing to atleast own expensive rides. With others struggling to owm such drives, others are busy changing expensive machines day and night. Others have even gone people expectations as they driving those vehicles looks amazing as only few people own them.

Today unidentified man has left many wondering after he was spotted with a toy-like vehicle car which seemed to amazing many who spotted it. The car was two small that even no one could think that the the car is of a grown up person.

The man posted a video of himself fuelling the car after which he opened the rooftop of the car and drove away. This incident left left many amused and were forced to ask the man where to get that type of driver seemed be new in the eyes of many.

Others also asked the man to shown them wher he purchased the drive as they also wanted to have such.

Here are a sections of comments from Netizens who spotted the car after being posted on social media.

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