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How Rich Criminals Hire Poor People to go to Jail For Them in China

All over the world, time and again the wealthy have been known to get away with any crimes they commit. Most of them pay their way out but in China they found a way of skipping hefty bribes and instead paying poor people a less amount to serve the punishment intended for the rich criminal. This practice is called Ding zui which translates to substitute criminal. An example is Gu Kalai who hired a look alike to stand in for her in court, see picture below.

The people hired must be look alikes to the criminals or have some sort of resemblance this way other people won't know they are impostors of the real criminals. These hired people(impostors) attend court and go to jail in place of the person who hired them and they can be paid as little as 31 dollars per day spent in jail.

This common practice dates back to the 1800's even if many people including the government of China finds it illegal. Even in this digital age of photos and the internet which makes it difficult for people to hide who they really are, cases keep being discovered where people were paid to serve prison sentences for other people.

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China Ding zui Gu Kalai


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