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"Why Did a Nyeri Teacher Choose to End His Life and Place a Black Flag Near His Coffin?"

Although the case is still under investigation, lead police investigators have declared that the bizarre Nyeri incident, in which a teacher was discovered dead nailed inside a coffin, is a case of suicide.

Following the discovery of a torch and a hammer inside the coffin next to teacher Gathogo's body, this was done.

A strange black flag that was discovered neatly positioned close to the deceased person's coffin has also been identified, along with its meaning and place of origin.

Ancient Egyptian culture is where the black flag with a picture of a cow dung beetle originated. Beetles found in cow dung were linked to the goddess of resurrection.

A beetle is forming debris into a ball, as seen in the flag. A dug beetle will assemble debris and roll it into a ball that is large enough to be buried underground with herself and used as food by her larvae, who will then lay their eggs inside it.

The world, in the eyes of the Egyptians, was symbolized by the ball of the beetle. The beetle maintained an endless cycle of rotation for the "world," which stood in for the afterlife. The ancient Egyptian culture believed that the dead should use the beetle's "powers" to resurrect in the afterlife, just as the beetle pretends to be dead during the night before awakening in the morning.

Regarding the boat-like structure, the Egyptians thought that it was what the deceased used to travel to the afterlife's spirit world and underworld.

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Ancient Egyptian Nyeri


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