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Te Doy La Vida: Nico Rejects Ernesto As Elena Is Released From Prison

After Nico ran away while they were at the park with Ernesto everyone is worried and starts searching for him. Nico with the street children try to find Pedro by asking around in all the car repair shops they come across. No one seems to know who Pedro is.

Nico gets sick and starts nose bleeding. They continue with the search for Pedro. One of the boys meets with a policeman looking for Nico but he lies that he hasn't seen him because Nico didn't want to be taken by the police.

Pedro continues looking for Nico, his car breaks down and he doesn't know the area. Coincidentally the boys he asks for help to push his car are the same street children who are helping Nico. They push the car towards where Nico was resting and he sees Pedro. He shouts his name and Pedro on looking,finds that it was Nico. He runs towards him and they hug each other in joy.

Pedro rushes Nico to the hospital for treatment. He then informs Elena about the good news. She thanks him for finding their son. Ernesto visits Nico at the hospital but he doesn't want to talk to him for what he had done to his mother. Nico calls for help and Ernesto is chased out of the hospital.

Elena's lawyers manages to free her from jail on bail. They all reunite and they are all happy.

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