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DCIs Disclose What 3 Watchmen Did to Boy Who Sneaked In A Girl's School That Might Have Killed Him

Detectives from the director of criminal investigations have arrested three men in connection with the untimely death of a student who is reported to have succumbed to his injuries in one of the hospitals within Kiambu where he was rushed to after being beaten for Sneaking in a Girl's School.


In a news report that has been was shared by a reliable source of information, it was reported that the deceased who has been identified as 17 year old Brian was in the company of five other students who made their way to Kamothai Girls high school.

However, things would later go wrong after they were allegedly busted by one of the students who allegedly informed the other others. This was followed by a dramatic scene after Brian who allegedly failed to flee from the crime scene was allegedly beaten as his colleagues successfully escaped from the crime scene leaving him.

Reports given by the school management claimed that the deceased allegedly died after jumping from one of the class rooms in attempts to escape. However, according to the reports given by the government Pathologist, he claims that the deceased died after being hit by a blunt object on the head and other body parts.

The mother of the deceased who expressed her anger and frustration called upon the directorate of criminal investigations to look into this incident in order to find out what happened or rather what killed her son who he claimed might have been murdered.

In what might be considered as good news and justice to the family, it has been revealed that three Watchmen were arrested after several students who opted to remain anonymous claimed that the deceased was beaten by the three suspects who later rushed him to the hospital where he sadly died.

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