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Zora: Kwame Becomes Mad After Receiving A Call

In today's episodes the Chibale's will be taking their food. Kwame will receive a call,he will hear Alma's voice calling him my love which is Talia twin sister to Alma. Kwame will be in shock after the call,he will stands and starts acting madly.

Kwame will rush to his room. Lorreta will asks them what's wrong with Mr. 51 % referring to Kwame but none answers.Yola will follow his husband,she will asks Kwame what's wrong but Kwame attacks him and tells her to stop questioning him. Kwames phones starts ringing again but he will be in panic and won't receive it.

Kwame will ran to the gate and tells Ogolla to open it. Kwame will walk outside the gate and meet Talia but he will think it's Alma, he will go back running. Everyone one is surprised what's is happening to him because is acting so weird.

Kwame will ask Ogolla to go outside some one it's there. Ogolla will accompany Kwame but they won't see anyone ,Talia will be already gone.

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