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2 Male Teachers Fight Over A Female Intern in Kirinyaga

Teaching at Karoti Highschool came to a standstill after two teachers decided to turn the school into a boxing centre. The two male teachers decided to fight over a female teacher who was under teaching practice.

The two are reported to have started the fight after having some differences over the lady. The two are said to have been sharing the same lady and only came to realize today. While in the staff room the two stated the exchange of abuse which later turned into a fight. One of the two teachers rushed to the school kitchen and brought a panga to slash his colleague.

The teachers in the staff room scampered for their own safety as the other enstrangled teacher remained. To protect himself from the Slashing by the his opponent he took the staff room chair. Unluckily he missed and the panga slashed him on the head.

The school students were left in screems as some laughed them off. The victim teacher was rushed to hospital as the other teacher was being arrested and he is being apprehended at Kirinyaga police station.

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