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Kenyan Women Explain Their Suffering At The Hands Of Sponsors

If you have not heard the term 'Mbaba' then You have definately heard of something like 'Sponsor'. Do not think I am referring to the ordinary sponsor and financial helper who willingly will help you settle your school fees or facilitate you to acquire something out of good will. No! A sponsor here is a term coined to mean sugar daddy.

Now, as you are aware sugar daddies have been in existence for a long time in the society but the current ones with the digital name of sponsor seem to have improved their game immensely.

Current sponsors are going for university girls and the girls seem to be addicted to the old men. Sadly, recent survey has shown that most of the girls are suffering in the hands of sponsors.

A reporter of Radio jambo found out that the sponsors don't love the girls at all but they are just after their bodies. To make matters more worse, these old men want to attain sexual pleasure without using protection and when the girl gets pregnant, they are not concerned with the baby. Something which compels the young girl to procure and abortion.

Other sponsors issue threats to the young girls if the girl behaves in a way to expose their relationship and maybe tries to avoid the sponsor.

Then lastly, these sponsors sadly do kill their slayqueens if misunderstandings between them intensify and to cover up their tainted reputation to the public, they result to terminate the innocent lives.

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