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Kenyans Forced to Escape to Uganda as Hunger and Draught Hits Turkana, Some Surviving on Wild Fruits

The draught disaster that has hit several parts of the country has forced Kenyans in Turkana County to seek refuge in the neighboring countries. The draught has also made families and their children to survive on wild fruits due to hunger.

Schools in the draught-ravaged Northern Part of Kenya have also been closed due to the situation that has left children hungry.

Herders in Turkana County have also been forced to migrated to Uganda seeking greener pastures in order to survive the draught. According to details, majority of the people who have been left behind are women and children and they are surviving on wild fruits.

Women say that they are walking more than 50 kilometers looking for water since the wells they used to get water in the region have dried up.

Mzee Lotukoi says that he usually walk for two days to water his camels. He says that water is only available many kilometers away from his residence.

Etubon Samal, a resident of Lokapel village in Turkana South says that they are too much troubled by lack of food. She says that she is forced to go to the bushes with her children to gather wild fruits which they feed on.

The residents now want the government to put seriousness on the draught and start distributing food to the affected communities. According to the Turkana County government, 1500 families have been hard hit by hunger adding that Integrated Financial Management System (IFMIS) has failed to release money to the suppliers of food to cushion the suffering families.

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