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My 70 Year Old Hubby Chased Me Away After I Came Back From Hospital And Found Our Infant Dead;Teresa

Teresiah, from Narok county, has painfully narrates how her 70 year old hubby chased her away after she came back home from hospital and found their newborn baby dead.

According to Teresiah, her mother disappeared while her and the sister were at a very tender age, and they were left under the care of their grandmother. She goes on to say that they weren't financially stable, since her grandmother did ordinary jobs for a living. They struggled through life until one day, the unthinkable happened.

There was a man in their neighborhood who had two wives, and he sent one of them to come and tell her grandmother that he wanted to marry her. When she heard of this, she was in disbelief since that man was way older than her with more than 50 years. She resisted and that's when, they informed the grandmother that they would kick her out of where they were staying because it was them who had given her the farm.

Later on, her grandma forced her to get married so that they would not lose a place to stay. She had no option than to agree to the idea, although she did not feel good about it, she says. While in her room, the man started coming, and he would force her to sleep with him and when he resisted, he would beat her mercilessly. Life became unbearable for her, and she had nowhere to go.

She endured the pain until one day she discovered that she was pregnant. She nursed the pregnancy until it was time to deliver. Furthermore, she went to hospital thanks to her co-wife who, she says, treated her nicely. Not only that, but she was operated on, and she later gave birth to a baby boy.

She went back home, but during the first clinic of their child, she developed complications from her operation wound and doctors requested for her to be admitted. She stayed in hospital for 6 months undergoing treatment and the baby was left under the care of the cowives. 

According to her, no one came to visit later on, and so she decided to find a way to escape the hospital bill after she was discharged. Her plan worked perfectly and on the nearby town, she found a good Samaritan who helped her by paying her fare back home. 

Upon arrival, she was met by a shock of her life as her baby was nowhere to be seen and even the cowives acted as if they didn't recognize her presence back. They all informed her that she should wait for the man of the house to provide her the information, she sadly says.

He later came and with a lot of anger and resentment showed her the baby's grave. ' I was shocked and didn't believe what I saw', she states. Before she could even recover, he ordered her to pack all her belongings and left. It was painful and, up to date, she has never recovered.

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Narok Teresiah


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