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"Stop Him Now" Uproar as DCI Facebook Admin Posts This "Sarcastic" Message on Recent Murder

On Saturday night, a Kenya Defence Force (KDF) Officer was murdered by his 27-year-old wife, in Kiambu County.

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The 37-year-old officer, who was operating at Gilgil KDF Camp, passed on in his house located in Kahawa Wendani in Kiambu County, Ruiru sub-county.

As the body of the Late 37 year-old KDF officer awaits autopsy, Violet Asale remains in custody as a suspect of murder as the DCI continue their investigations.

An uproar has been witnessed on the official DCI Facebook page after the admin posted a a sarcastic message about the murder on the platform.

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Kenyans have stormed the DCI official page asking for the admin to be stopped before he causes much harm.

Below were some of the reactions of the netizens to the post;

"There are matters to joke with and this is not one of them. I sympathize with the victims family who have to plan for his burial." - Nzioki Christine

"Whoever is running this page should now be stopped. Your narration of this ordeal is more inclined to entertaining readers rather than passing very crucial information, this is a freaking homicide. This isn't the kind of thing to be humorous about." - Rama Oliver

"Seem like the author is reporting this with such an unabated sociopathic glee! Not funny at all." - Fredrick Irware

"Whoever writes these DCI reports has a high command of language, especially choice of words. They make serious issues a comedy. ' That promoted him to eternal rest'." - Douglas Kirimi

"Tone down the flowering of your grammar... As an investigation agency, the way you do your reporting shows that the suspect is already pronounced guilty, a role outside your jurisdiction." - Ken Awiti

"Is this a comedy? A trained kdf soldier was bitten, in the chest and shoulder thumb, akakufa. How???U folks must be entertaining this nonsense. How tough was this woman till she overpowered a soldier. Bit him to death...Doesnt add up!" - Sibuor Symba

"How do you report death of person in a comical manner.Its unacceptable and especially coming from a government office." - Mary Mwangi

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