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What Masten Wanjala Did To The First Person To Spot Him

More details details are being unraveled following the last moments of Masten Wanjala who died in a very mysterious way. It was claimed that he was spotted early in the morning by a resident taking children to school. However, it wasn't that easy to identify him because of the way he was covering his body.

The first person to see him was a resident taking children to school. The person said that he started shouting when he saw Wanjala. However, Wanjala threatened the man after noticing the going was no longer good.

"When I saw Wanjala, I called out his name aloud and he started running away. He even threatened me and some villagers who were around. He was armed with a pair of scissors," said Mukwana.

However, the residents continued shouting as they attracted the attention of other people. During this process, people came out in large numbers to see what was going on as they joined the hunting squad.

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Masten Wanjala Mukwana Wanjala


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