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Man Breaks Limps After Jumping From Third Floor Building Escaping Police Arrest

Mong'are,Embakasi based resident, is reported to have committed unknown crimes.Due to this,police officers invaded his house to arrest him.It is at that moment when they knocked his house and he responded being naked.

The police officers then gave him time to go back to his bedroom to dress.After which, he instead got an opportunity to his kitchen room where he opened a window and decided to jump from a three a storey building to escape from their hands.

Unluckily, the Mong'are broke his limps several times ,making his arrest easy.The kind police officers, then ferried him with their land cruiser to Mama Lucy hospital for treatment.

They then wished him a quick recovery from the injuries so that,he can face the law.

I take this opportunity to urge members of public,not to use such kind of tricks when police come for their arrest.Let them accept and be taken to court and the if nothing wrong they did,they'll be set free.

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Embakasi Mong'are


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