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How Your Lost Identity Card May Land You In Trouble And What To Do Immediately

Hello readers , a national identity card is a card which contains information of a citizen of a country. The government can use this incase of anything including criminal activities. This card contains the hand prints , image and a specific number.

Well ever lost an id? Am sure that at some point you misplaced and never saw it again. Many tend to rush to huduma centres and apply to get a new One. In this article, i will show you how risky that can send you in jail or other unwanted vices. Lets look at some of them.

1) Borrowing loans

A person can provide your id details to get a loan from mobile apps which may seem to work . This will come to your shock when you are sure you didn't borrow yet you are listed under CREDIT BUREAU

2) Kidnappers can use to confuse police

Kidnappers may use the lost id which you had ignored to confuse the police and buy time . In such a case you won't be able to defend yourself as it will be very hard to convince them.

So what should you do when your id get lost???

Make sure you report to the nearest police station, be given an abstract. This may aid in self defense if Incase your id was used to perform criminal activities. Please don't ignore this as you may regret later. Also share with friends and family too so That they May be informed too.

Well Be sure to follow me for this and other educative articles too. Until we meet again thank you👊🙏

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