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Road Accident

Defensive driving mechanisms that can save your life from any danger that may come your way.

Safety comes first before everything else in driving. You have to be totally guaranteed of being safe as a regular driver who knows all the rules and norms of the road and follows them closely. These rules and regulations aren't the only things that you should be worried about when it comes to your safety and those of others on the road but a couple of other things.

Where danger may come from.

As a skilled driver, you should know where cars brake more often for you to initiate the same mechanism. Places like bus stops, pedestrian crossing and roundabouts can be termed as red zones if you are not too keen in observing this things. Tunnel roads and related places are also alarming which means that you have to be on your brakes at all times to prevent danger from reaching you.

Keeping a safe distance.

Maintain a safe distance between you and the one in front at all times. This space should not be too big that it can put you at a risk in case somebody tries to overtake when there isn't enough space. Try not to put your life at stake and the others around you because of being reckless in terms of distance maintainance.

Looking further.

Don't look at the possible happenings surrounding your car only because you might not be aware what you are up against. Looking at the far possible place you can reach out can warn you against the upcoming danger and develop a possible warning to the car at your back and also prepare you to initiate a defensive plan.

Don't overestimate other drivers.

Even if you have enough skills that it takes to be a good driver, be a careful and considerate driver because not everyone has the same skills as you. Stay alert at all times and wait for others to make mistakes because you will be able to pick a defense accordingly depending on the mistake made.

Emergency plan.

All drivers always hope not to get into any emergency on the road because it can put you into any risk. When you have a plan on how to act on such situations, then you should be confident on yourself knowing that you got covered in case such a scenario occurs. Leave enough escape route between your car and others to swipe off the road if you have to while planning on what to do next.

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