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"I Was Born Without Hands And My Villagers Wanted To Drown me. I Was A Taboo In Their Tribe; Miriam.

Miriam from Nairobi painfully narrated how he survived death when she was still living in the village. She stated that her villagers wanted to drown her since it was a Taboo to be born without hands in their tribe.

According to Miriam when her mother became pregnant her father abandoned her. This made it difficult for her mother to cope as a single mother. However she had supportive parents who took care of her while she was pregnant. She said that after her mother gave birth the doctors were surprised to see that she didn't have hand.

According to her the doctors kept her in hospital for three years because they feared what people would do to her if she was discharged. It was clear that it was against their tradition to be born without ands.

She claimed that once she left the hospital and went home villagers flocked to their home to see her. She said that they were angry and believed that she was a taboo and meant bad luck for them. They insisted on drowning her in a river as a way of cleansing.

She claimed that one day, her mother carried Miriam on her back and went to the river to fetch water, and a group of rowdy youths attacked her and pushed her in the river so that Miriam could drown. Luckily so fishermen saw what was happening and they quickly rescue them.

She stated that after the incidence she left with the help of her grandparents and they relocated and came to live in Nairobi. She said that she was taken to a special School where she learned how to write with her legs and also do other house chores like cleaning.

"I am now independent and I can take care of myself." Miriam stated.

According to her, it's been a struggle for her since she cannot find work due to her disability. However she has a positive attitude towards life and she believes that her life has a purpose that she is yet to discover.

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Miriam Nairobi


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