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"My Lover Conned Me 2 Million, 2 Prados and My Child's Inheritance," A woman narrates

Hannah got married as a young lady. She was twenty years when she got married to a sixty-eight years old man. Life was good, and the two grew together and built several businesses. They were blessed with one son, and they lived happily regardless of the community's Criticism. Ten years later Hannah's husband died due to old age, and she was left as a widow with businesses to take care of and a child to feed.

Hannah engaged in numerous businesses and by God's grace her businesses grew to a point that she would make over three hundred thousand per day. She also helped people with legal issues and helped them settle family and land issues.

Seven years later Hannah met a man in her daily activities of helping people. She fell in love and the alleged man gave her all the love she needed. Hannah trusted his unconditionally and at some point she made him a director of her companies.

Hardly did she know that her new lover would con her money. Hannah travelled a lot and her lover took care of all her financial responsibilities in her absence. Two years later her lover changed his character and started having extra marital affairs. Hannah was worried and decided to take count of her financial situation.

Hannah realized that her lover had transferred over one point six million from her account and bought cars in his name. She confronted him, and he used his calm her down. Hannah was crazily in love and ignored the red flags

A few months later the man ghosted her and when she tried to make a follow-up on her properties, she was met with threats and at one point she feared for her life. Since then Hannah has let everything go and now leads a peaceful life with her son.

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Hannah Prados


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