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Tenant In Pipeline Estate Does Unthinkable After Caretaker Asked Him To Lower Music Volume


Pipeline tenant does unthinkable after his caretaker asked him to lower music volume. According to the report shared by the flat's caretaker, his brother was assaulted by a tenant after requesting him to lower the music. He stormed the caretakers house and stabbed his younger brother on the head with a screw driver before dumping a used cd into a water tank. Going by the way they carry out their daily management duties, the caretakers of residential buildings have become among the most powerful people in the housing sector. However, most of these caretakers misuse these powers. A thing that is making them unpopular.

Most of caretakers live the same compound with their tenants. Therefore, they make their word laws that can be overturned only by the landlords. In fact, some tenants have never even seen their landlords. The caretakers handle everything from broken sewers and leaking roofs to good neighbourliness.

A few caretakers say tough economic conditions force them to rent out the offered accommodation and move to cheaper housing. They only manage the apartments and keep the grounds clean, they also pump water, interview and vet new tenants, collect garbage fees and receive rent receipts from tenants.

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