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Lessons Everyone Needs To Learn From The Incident Where A House Help Stabbed Ex-employer's Two Kids

The story of Gladys Naliaka Nalianya left many reacting after she stabbed two kids who belonged to her ex-employer.

Mama Maina's kids nursing injuries

Reports show that Gladys had been a house help for Mama Maina for two years and age used to earn Ksh 15,000. After being sacked, Gladys decided to walk into Mama Maina's residence in her absence and stabbed her two children.

After commiting the crime, Gladys ran away. However, she was nabbed by DCI at Eldoret on her way to Busia.Gladys

From this incident, we learn several lessons. To begin with, we all need to learn on peaceful ways of resolving conflicts or disagreement. It could be better if Gladys and Mama Maina resorted to negotiation as a way to solve their differences. Maybe, they could have found a better way of solving their problem. Probably, Gladys could not have thought of stabbing her ex-employer's kids.

Secondly, we learn that as employers, we need to know which kind of employees we have. If Mama Maina had learnt the anger exhibited by Gladys, it could help her seek for extra ways of protecting her children from such act. We should learn how to deal with our employers and employees especially when we disagree.

We also need to learn how to cope with depression or stress when we lose our jobs. It seems Gladys was saddened by a fact that she had been sacked. I'd she knew how to deal with this, she could have even searched for a new job. Maybe, she could not have been tempted to stab Mama Maina's kids.

Morever, we learn that despite the distance between the place of commiting a crime and how far we go, we cannot escape the power of DCI. Gladys thought she could escape after commiting the crime bit fortunately, she was nabbed by DCI.

Above all, we need to learn how to solve our disagreements with our employers or employees without involving innocent kids. Mama Maina's kids were innocent and could not be dragged into the conflict.

What other lesson do you think we need to learn from this story? Feel free to drop your comment.

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