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Rats Consumed 200Kgs Of Cannabis That Was To Be Produced As Evidence in Court

In India government ,bang remains prohibited. However it is been cultivated for research.

People in India was surprised by one police officer who claimed that the 200kgs of bang which was taken from criminals in Northern part of country and kept for evidence in the had been 'eaten' by rats.

In the CNN report, the prosecution submitted that police said the rats have consumed up to 700kgs of the siezed bhang.

The police officer claimed that rats are very small animal who don't fear police .They said that rats are all over in all stations whereby they have being interfering with evidences therefore the government should take an action to stop that issue of rats.

The judge who was listening the case said that police were falsely blaming rats for destroying evidence.

The area senior police officer , However said outside the court that the bhang had been destroyed by rain and not rats. The statement which has contradicted everyone in the court.

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