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NTSA Corrupt?, This Is The Amount They Allegedly Ask For One To Pass A Driving Examination Test

National Transport and Safety Authority Kenya is one of the strongest firms in our country. This is because they work hand in hand with the National Police Service inorder to ensure safe driving in every road in Kenya. It is through them where drivers get their licenses and where driving examination is basically done.

However, the NTSA has been exposed today for being corrupt while they conduct some of their services in their grounds. Through a renown facebook group known as Ma3Route, a message was posted that those who go for driving examination test at NTSA grounds in Nakuru are allegedly being told by the staff at the grounds to part with Kshs 2000 for them to pass the test.(Photo| courtesy)

It is also said that if you fail to give the amount of money that they ask for, you are surely promised that you will not pass the test. This is the type of corruption that should be investigated by the government to confirm if it is true the involved to be sacked immediately because this is just but torturing innocent citizens and also destroying NTSA's name.(Source screenshot)

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