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"Ukistaajabu Ya Musa" Panic After a UG Lady Finds This Inside Her Drink at Javas

A lady from the neighbouring Uganda caused fear and tension after she allegedly found a dead rat inside her milk shake.

According to sources the lady was at Cafe Jave in Kampala enjoying her self when she Spotting the bizarre animal inside a drink.

Even the intervention of the hotel management could not cool her off as she promised to sue the entire hotel for risking her life.

In a clip shared by a Ugandan Tv, netizens elicited some wild reactions.

A majority have alleged the lady wanted to spoil the hotels good name, while a number also said it was the right move to sue the hotel.

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Linah.... That woman is payed to turnish Cafe Javas name we are daily clients there they are the most organised the shakes are blended how comes the rat is not she put the rat her self for her own intentions 

Robert... A rat is too big to be found in that container. Its very impossible for a bar man not to see it before packing the drink. May be if it was a small cockroach

Hope... I'm a former employee of Cafe Javas but this is impossible. Perfection is what comes to my mind whenever I think of Cafe Javas. Milkshakes are made instantly after placing an order. There is NO way this could have happened. How did the rat miss being blended? She went to the car with the drink then she returned from her car with a rat in it. Something doesn't add up.

Abechii... I don't believe this..

Setup against Cafe Java's..

This world is full of enemies of progress and trust me the brain behind this is sincerely happy somewhere..if you trust and support that awesome eating place and service's don't believe this sc am

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