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Why the Kamba insert a red hot metal to the rectum of a dead body

This is a tradition practiced by the Akamba people. When it comes to death, when a young man dies before marriage, the body is usually buried at the far end of the compound. Before being buried, the elders perfom a ritual in order to drive away the undesirable evil spirits. This ritual is performed by heating a metal rod to a red hot state and then inserting it to the rectum or in layman's language the a** hole of the dead in order to torture and burn the evil spirits.

They also believe that the dead have a way of reappearing back to the living through reincarnation. If this happens, a child would be born in the same family having similar character traits of the departed. Due to this believe, also the names given signify it. Names like Musyoki, Musyoka, Kasyoka means 'who comes back' to life.

To protect the deceased family from being hunted down by spirits, a goat or a sheep wound be slaughtered, the stomach contents mixed with traditional herbs and then smeared to the mourning family.

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Akamba Kamba Kasyoka Musyoka Musyoki


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