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(Photos) The Most Expensive Road In The World Is In East Africa, Here Is The Country Located In

Highways and roads are used for transportation of people, animals, and wheeled vehicles. Nowadays, a street is an urban thoroughfare, whereas a road refers to a rural, less used route. A highway is a significant rural thoroughfare; more recently, it has been used to describe a road, in either a rural or urban setting, where traffic entry and departure locations are restricted.

The governments of African nations with good roads have made significant investments in them to support sustainable development.

To shock and burst your bubble, the most expensive road in the world is in East Africa! We all would have thought that the most expensive road in the world would be found in technologically advanced nations like Japan, Singapore, China, or even the United States of America! especially the country of Uganda in East Africa paid $9.2 million per kilometer for the expressway connecting Kampala's central business district and the Entebbe International Airport, four times the average price of $2 million. This increased the project's overall cost to $476 million.

Due to this, this road is the most expensive in Africa and probably the entire globe.

It's important to note that the 2,770 meter-long Kampala-Entebbe Expressway features 19 flyovers and bridges. Nambigirwa Bridge, with a length of more than 1,400 meters, is the longest four-lane bridge in Uganda and all of East Africa. In order to reduce traffic in the larger Kampala metropolitan area, a four-lane motorway connecting the major business district of Kampala with Entebbe International Airport was constructed.

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African Most Expensive Road


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