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Trending Now: Boat Capsizes Killing all Passengers, 14 Dead Bodies Washed at The Beach

A very sad incident has been reported from Malaysia where a boat capsized killing all passengers on board. This incident happened today as the boat was still on the ocean. The main cause of this accident has not yet been identified however the Malaysian police department is currently working on this matter so as to find out what caused this accident that killed all these people.

Photo courtesy, used for evidence.

According to the report by Citizen Tv Kenya, the Malaysia police have already collected fourteen dead bodies from the Maynmar beach. These bodies included the one that belonged to the boat owner who also died at the sea.

Photo courtesy, used for illustration purpose only.

All these bodies have already been taken to the mortuary for preservation, identification is currently being carried out so that they can be picked up by their families for burial. Please let's send our most sincere condolences to their families in the comments section below. Please do like, comment and share.

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