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Man Caught Forcing a Female Patient to Have an Act in Hospital's Bed, Arrested by Police in Paris

A 22-year-old man has been arrested and taken into police custody for allegedly dragging and forcing himself to a female patient, leaving her nursing serious injuries.

According to Daily Mail Newspaper reports, the suspect was caught Red-handed in the victim's bed by the nurse who was on duty on that particular morning, at around 4: 00 am.

The media also said the suspect was carrying the victim's bank card, and He was using multiple identities, that the subject of two expulsion orders to leave France under two different names since his nationality has not been disclosed.

Human Rights in Paris Health Facilities documents how some women suffers from systemic and widespread problems that deny women quality health care in some hospitals in the city and the courts sidelines.

“The sexual molestation charge cannot stand in any court of law, as the prosecution failed to prove the three main ingredients of forcible intercourse beyond reasonable doubt to warrant a conviction.

The court required oral evidence from the alleged victim, sufficient circumstantial evidence and DNA samples to test, which were never provided in court by the prosecution." Reports reads.

The victim's lawyer address the media, saying that she has also filed a complaint over the danger posed to her life.  

The lawyer added: 'It's a double trauma for my client—the defilement itself and the circumstances adds to total trouble. 

'She wants … to understand how these serious acts could have happened like that in a public institution.'

Prosecutors could seek an investigation into the circumstances in which the assault took place due to the woman's complaint.  

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