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"My Sister Made Me Work As A House Girl At Age 14 And Took All My Salary" Lady Narrates.

Fridah (not her real name) from Kirinyaga county emotionally shares her story on how her sister subjected her to child labour at the age of 14.

Fridah came from a humble background, and her life as a child was filled with numerous challenges. This was because her parents were unable to pay her school fees, and she was forced to drop out while in class eight. She went to her elder sister later on, who promised to educate her.

Upon arrival, things turned out to be different. She found out that she had just tricked her to come and live with her and there was nothing like paying her school fees. She was just 14 years by then and she would subject her to alot of house chores. One day, she informed her of the unthinkable, she sadly recalls.

She told her that she had sought employment for her as a house girl which made Fridah uncomfortable. She didn't have a choice than to agree since she was under her roof and had no money to go back home. She went and started working although when time came for her to get paid, the employer told her that the sister was to take all the money.

She hated her with passion for making her life a mess. She continued to work regardless until one day the man of the house started making sexual advances in her when the wife was not around.

This went on for a while, and she couldn't talk to anyone because the employer threatened to kill her and the wife. He went to an extent of sleeping with her severally and she eventually got pregnant. She hated herself and even tried to have an abortion via the help of a friend, but the plan was unsuccessful.

The wife later learned her situation and without even inquiring who was responsible, she chased her away. She went back to her sister, who was very frustrated at her and even went to an extent of making her do hard jobs despite her being pregnant.

Luckily, she carried the pregnancy to term and delivered safely. She brought up the baby the best way she knew how until she was grown. Life continued, although with plenty of difficulties. According to her, she will never forgive the sister for messing up her life and stopping her education.

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Fridah Kirinyaga


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