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'Badi Arudi Barracks,' Nairobi City Dirt Is Going From Worse To Worst

It is one of the worst moments for Nairobi county residents, especially those who love within CBD. Dirty has extremely covered the streets of Nairobi town. Nairobi Metropolitan Service (NMS) under General Badi, has failed to maintain the cleanliness of the city.

If you walk around the city, you will step on litters which are scattered everywhere. Foul smell has covered the city, you will walk with your hand glued on your nose to avoid those smells.

Bus stops are scary for travellers, litters of all kinds are taking a lot of space. Gikomba market is a no go zone, litters of destroyed fruits are being dumped anywhere.

What May Have Caused This

General Badi is not the one who litters the city, this is the work of ordinary residents who dwells in those areas.

Hawkers are the most people who have transformed the face of Nairobi city. They drop papers anywhere in CBD, we shall admit the fact that hawkers have greatly increased since Mike Sonko was impeached.


Badi should come up with a way of cleaning Nairobi before investors get scared away from the town. City cleaners are supposed to be put in place, and the law governing the dropping of litters forced on residents.

If NMS will be unable to find a solution to clean the city, then General Badu should go back to the barracks, where he can perform better.

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