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If Someone is Electrocuted, These Are The Things To Do

In this Article, we will teach you how to help someone who has been electrocuted and how to protect yourself from electric shock.

For your personal safety, if someone near you gets electrocuted, do not touch them or contact a professional for assistance.

Likewise, screaming or sobbing will not help anyone who has been electrocuted. However, swift and careful steps must be taken to assist him, as the probability of death from electric shock is high and also depends on the voltage of the electric appliance.

To help someone who has been electrocuted, do the following.

1. Quickly switch off any electrical devices that are causing electric shock:

If you find that someone has been electrocuted near you, turn off the device immediately. If the power source is in the house, turn off the circuit.

It is dangerous to go to an outlet near you to protect yourself from electric shock. Confidence and speed are essential for individual recovery.

2. If the person' s arm is twisted, remove it with plastic and do not use a metal rod or wet board.

3. Check the health of people who have recovered.

After you separate the person from the cause of the electric shock, if you think it requires medical practice, check their health to see if they have any signs of fainting or fainting.


The best help for electric shock is to quickly turn off the power to the cause or separate it from the cause of the electric shock with a non- wet wood or friction wand.

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