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Kenyan Lady drowns in Canada While Live On Facebook

A youthful Kenyan lady based in Canada has lost her life after she got drowned in a swimming pool while live-streaming herself on Facebook.

Hellen Wendy, a nurse living in Toronto, Ontario, was having a good time when the unfortunate incident occurred. In her words, the deceased said in a live recording that she was from work and was refreshing herself.

"Nimetoka job, I am feeling good," Wendy said moment after going live. she added that it was 2 o'clock at that time "It's 2 o'clock here".

Wendy continue having a good moment and at exactly 5:45 minutes, she took a dive in the waters a few meters from her mobile phone. The deceased kept taking the dives while holding her face under water for several seconds. She then went back to read comments.

At 10th minutes Wendy took her final dive into what seems like the deep end of the swimming pool, and 33 seconds later, she started gasping for air as she screamed for help. Unfortunately no one was near to rescue her.

She made the last sound at 11:55 before it went silent. Her live-recording continue for 3 hours after she died until, two men showed up 3:09.

The two white men discovered the lifeless body of Hellen Wendy, whereby they immediately informed the caretaker.

Below is the full video showing how she drowned;

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