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Road Accident

A Kenyan Man Assaults a Police Officer

Incidents of civilians engaging in physical brawls with police officers are on the rise in the country. On Saturday a Kenyan was filmed engaging in a physical confrontation with a cop in one of the roads heading to Karen, Nairobi.

Apparently, the man was so drunk, something which prompted the police officer to take away his (drunk man) car keys, a move that infuriated the intoxicated citizen.

The officer could be heard trying to explain to the agitated drunk man that he won't give him back the car keys, because he risks causing an accident on the road.

The unidentified man then starts assaulting the police officer who his trying very hard to remain calm.

The drunk man then wrestles the officer to the ground, a move that resulted in the cop trying to arrest him.

It's unacceptable for citizens to assault police officers. This incidents continue to strain the relationship between cops and civilians.

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