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Currently Happening :One Dead, Thirteen Injured After a Building Collapses In Nairobi

Barely a Month after a clane fell and killed seven in Nairobi's Kilimani estate, another building has collapsed in the same county.

According to news hitting the air waves just now, one person has died while several others sustained serious injuries after the wall of a house they were constructing on Parklands Fifth Avenue collapsed on Thursday.

The injured were rushed to hospitals within the city.

Details as to what led to the worrying collapse are yet to be established as the shocking news continues to unfold.


Sam... There is nothing under the sun that you use shortcut to do that go without consequences and painful pay....

You use cheap under qualified labour and trying to save cost on materials the results are painful and costly.

Owino... For how long will people keep loosing their lives like this?

Marion... Why are building collapsing off late, someone somewhere isn't doing the right thing.

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