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(Opinion) Close The Country But Give Poor Kenyans Funds To Sustain Themselves

The coronavirus pandemic for sure is ravaging not only our economy but also lose of lives. Coronavirus is for a disaster to many countries. India is facing a crisis as death people have been seen been cremated even on the roads.

It is the appeal to his excellency the president to consider other control and prevention measures to mitigate this crisis. Yes a total lockdown can be good and easy to implement but for sure poor Kenyans like us will suffer and die of hunger and depression.

A total lockdown for 3 months is now the solution to the control the pandemic. However, the government to send about Ksh 20,000 to vulnerable and poor Kenyans to sustain themselves during the lockdown to prevent suffering and agony.

It is the best option to consider as oxygen demand is high with acute shortage. Lock down the country but offer relief package to poor and vulnerable Kenyans nto sustain themselves.

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