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"Prostitutes" in Homa Bay Sends an Appeal to the County Government After Being Abandoned


The number of the commercial twilight girls have been increasing on a daily basis despite the challenges facing them. Since the onset of the corona virus pandemic, most 'prostitutes' were affected due to the closure of the bars and the curfew restrictions. These ladies normally get huge number of customers during the night but the curfew restrictions and the closure of bars has forced them to operate from home. Most of these ladies have turned to online business whereby they look for their clients online and they decide where to meet.


The twilight girls from Homa Bay have sent an appeal to the County Government after Non-Governmental Organizations who have been supporting them pulled out. These ladies have been receiving aid in the fight against the spread of HIV/Aids from Impact Research and Development Organization (IRDO) before the organization exited from the support.


According to the The Standard Digital , IRDO was helping the twilight ladies in acquiring drugs meant in the prevention of contracting HIV/Aids. The ladies have been getting the Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP) and also the female 'protective gears' to use before they meet a client. In the same way these commercial ladies, have been receiving the Post Exposure Prophylaxis (PEP) drugs which are used after a suspected exposure to HIV. The ladies were also receiving Antiretroviral drugs (ARV's) all these at a free of charge.


The exit of the Non Governmental Organization has made the twilight ladies to send an appeal to the County Government of Homa Bay to help them with these drugs since they are now at a great risk of contracting HIV. IRDO has been helping the twilight ladies in Homa Bay for over 13 years and their exit is due to the fact that their contract has expired.


This comes a time when Homa Bay County is among the counties in Kenya with high risks associated with HIV/Aids. Since IRDO stormed in Homa Bay County for the last 13 years, the prevalence of HIV risk in the region has dropped to 19.6% from 27.1%.

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