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Teachers Sacco That Lost 2.4 billion To Bank In Nairobi

Now with various money investment schems coming up in various parts of the country, you will be shocked by this story. How a group of teachers lost billions of money nobody would expect such deceitful conmen to take advantage of unsuspecting teachers.

And the amount in question was a hefty sum of 2.4 billion shillings, apart from various court sessions with the looters the results were unyielding as the damage had already been done and the goons nowhere to answer for their crimes.

A heist well planned and the easy victim was at the perpetrator's mercy, Too little of the information is known as police still trailing the culprit, but no arrest has been made so far. Caution to every individual out there that Is investing in his/her money.

Always do a background check of the bank you are investing your money in and watch out for red flags as many cartels are not that good at covering tracks.

Public I cautioned. if you experienced a similar event or even a friend of yours did feel free to share the story let's hear and share it out to avoid the same thing happening to other unsuspecting Kenyan. like share and subscribe for more news as they unfold alwayOpera news Operanews.

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