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Exclusive Photos Of Mt.Elgon Chief Who Was Murdered And Buried In A Shallow Grave

Photos have emerged online of a local national government administration officer (Ngao) who was murdered in Bungoma County and his body found buried in a shallow grave in a maize plantation.

The body of Chepyuk location Chief the late Kipsang Sirwo was found buried in a maize farm near St.John's secondary school in the expansive Chepyuk settlement scheme in Kopsiro sub county, Mt Elgon Constituency.

It was alleged that the administrator deferred with some people in a drinking joint and was later abducted at about 11pm 150 metres after leaving the site.

The region is known for insurgency of illegal armed gangs that terrorize area residents, kill and main other as they demand for cash.

Such an illegal group was led by the then Wycliffe Matwakei who was killed by the military in 2008 in an operation dubbed 'Okoa Maisha'.

The Sabaot Land Defense Force was so brutal as its members were mostly youths who mostly dropped out of school and they could act as instructed without blinking an eye.

The gang raided villages and recruited its members by force, those who refused to heed to their call were tortured and some killed in broad daylight.

The illegal group was allegedly fighting for land in the expansive Chepyuk settlement scheme and the UN report showed that politicians had capitalized on their ignorance to purchase illegal guns to arm themselves against the intruders.

Posting on Voice of Change Facebook page, the social media admin Masuti Chemasuet wrote.

Sad News:

The body of Chief Kipsang Sirwo of Chepyuk location has been found buried in a shallow grave in a maize farm near St John Secondary School along the road from Chepyuk Senta to Kapkong.

Chemasuet had earlier on written this post on the same Facebook page;

"Chief of Chepyuk Location a Mr Kipsang is not reachable. He left home last Sunday, not at work, his phone is off, family don't know his whereabouts up to now. Conduct his relatives, friends or authorities if u see him,".

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